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Open Road Tolling

  • GovComm develops and manufactures intelligent hardware and software systems that collect and process vehicle images for open road tolling.  Our systems are among the most cost-effective and efficient in the industry.

  • GovComm open road tolling technology is automated in such a way to lower operational costs, improve customer service and increase traffic flow which also has a positive environmental impact.

  • GovComm open road tolling systems automate the toll collection process by capturing high-definition vehicle images, we process the images in our license plate recognition engine then provide a transaction record including video and still images of the vehicle passing through the toll gantry, a day / date / time stamp, location information, a record of the license plate alpha-numeric characters and a unique identifier.


Features Benefits
Captures high-resolution color stills and full motion video of transactions. Transaction accountability and auditability
Fully independent of the Toll Management System. Not susceptible to common mode failure. No compromise of data integrity.
Synchronized to Toll Management System transaction and events with high precision time synchronization. Accurate capture and synchronization with transactions of interest.
Recall based on Toll Management System events or time periods. Provides events (transaction) driven images and video for review. Recorded video can also be easily searches based on camera and time outside of any recorded event.
Multiple methods for recall, review, audit and recording of findings within the system. Flexibility, precision, and control.
Live video displays from facility cameras. Flexible real-time remote monitoring of facilities and lanes.
Ease of Installation. Color digital IP-addressable cameras that can be remotely configured, tuned, operated, and maintained over the network.
Ease of configuration. Configuration can provide primary, secondary, and tertiary camera coverage for each monitored location. Retention of video and still image data is only limited by physical storage space.
Ease of maintenance. User parameters control automatic purging of old data.
Electrical Maintenance 94%
System Survey 88%
Time Management 97%

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