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GovComm microwave sensors are small, lightweight, and can be mounted either road-side, at the center of a highway or on a gantry, whichever location is optimal.

Our innovative tools, accessories and sensor design enable a rapid, hassle-free installation that can usually be completed in less than an hour. If a customer provides latitude and longitude coordinates, GovComm can pre-configure sensors at the factory. We provide a three-dimensional mounting bracket, cables and a junction box that attaches to the back of the sensor with power and direct TCP/IP connectivity.

Our innovative forward-facing beam minimizes occlusions and tracks up to 126 vehicles simultaneously to provide unparalleled accuracy.

Up to 16 virtual relays (system generated zones that alarm when a programmed event occurs) can be configured for wrong-way detection, speed alerts and vehicle class information.

GovComm microwave vehicle detection systems integrate with many active intelligent transportation and demand management systems. We utilize Doppler technology designed to optimize vehicle separation and have on-board memory for data storage and statistics reporting.

High-Definition 2 Dimensional
  • Best for long-range highway use
  • Separates vehicle data by latitude ranges to maximize detection rates
  • Tracks vehicles at up to 755 feet (1,400 feet for trucks)

High-Definition 3 Dimensional
  • Wide beam for extended lane coverage
  • Separates vehicle data by latitude and longitude ranges to maximize detection rates
  • Tracks vehicles at up to 550 feet (1,000 feet for trucks)